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This was one of the most lively, entertaining shows I have seen – from start to finish. It was simply just fantastic. The cast was lively, energetic and evidently loved their roles. The orchestra was magnificent.

- TG75

Today I owe so much of my theatre training to DeeAnn Jones and the experiences I have had at NCT.  I was in that first “CRT” performance of Camelot, acting opposite Terry Mann.  I remember it quite well, and one specific blooper happened during that show.  One night, during the “Follow Me” number, the woman playing Nimue was singing atop a HUGE tower that was on rollers.  As she was being rolled on, the tower began to tip over.  Thankfully, it was kept upright by the amazing tech guys backstage, but from that point on, we joked about the number, calling out “TIMBER!” before she came on from that night on.  So many awesome actors have walked through these doors and onto the Memorial Auditorium stage.  Davis Gaines, Bruce Hubbard, Hal Hudson, Keith Locke, just to name a few.  These are the memories I will always keep as fond and incredible, and I thank NCT for every opportunity I have had to perform with their amazing company. 

Another memory I have of a funny blooper was performing in Shenandoah (with Marsha Brady herself, Maureen McCormick).  One night, I was playing the Confederate Sniper, who is supposed to be shot by Charlie.  The gun didn’t go off, so instead of being shot, the actor playing Charlie raced toward me and shoved me offstage and basically bludgeoned me to death with the butt of his rifle.  Scared me half to death, but hey, it’s live theatre.  NCT is a gem in the Arts community, and it is about time that they received a Tony Award for Outstanding Regional Theatre.

- J. Michael Beech | Raleigh

I have many fond memories of CRT/NCT/STAC but especially in the very early years working with DeAnn and others in the very old costume shop.  That location is now a ladies restroom on the 2nd floor.  One of the first meals if not the very first served for the cast and crew was for the first production of “The King and I”.  The parents wanted the children to eat in the theatre between shows so they would not have to go somewhere else. One “blooper” I remember was in the first Camelot when Keith Locke made a movement on cue to beat on his heart and the sound came through his microphone very loud and blasted us away!! (Some of the first summer children’s productions were known as STAC-Summer Theatre Arts Camp.)

- Bee Smith | Cary, NC

I want to say what fun we had at Les Miserables a few weekends back!  The Friday night show took my breath away and it was so special for me to take my son Jack to his first musical theater performance on Sunday!  He sat through the entire show (quite a long one for an almost-5-year-old) and really enjoyed it.  The seats that you picked for us were perfect!

- Karen Boyne | Raleigh, NC

I first met DeeAnn Jones many, many years ago when my company handled a copier lease with NC Theater. We stood on the stage at Raleigh Memorial Auditorium and looked out at no seats (they were renovating at the time and had taken all the seats out). We struck up a friendship, and my only request was to meet Terence Mann who was holding auditions for Annie.

Since then I have seen quite a few plays, including Les Miz three times, Phantom of the Opera twice, We Will Rock You, and Jesus Christ Superstar three times. Many memories; many great casts. At age 64 I will continue to support the NC Theater and experience future smiles and tears!

- Phil Shepard | Garner, NC

I have seen many plays, but few have been as strong from the lead characters to the swings as ‘A Christmas Story” was. What a great show. I just hope they come back next year or I will never hear the end of it from my kids!

- Gregg Cowan | Raleigh

Bravo to the cast and crew of Les Miserables! I was fortunate to see Les Mis on opening night (feb 14) and it was just as magical the fourth time seeing this musical as it was the first time. I was highly impressed with the level of talent each of the actors brought to the show, the revamped scenery, and of course the music! I had a pleasant and wonderful experience and look forward to coming back for more. Job well done!

- Lara Bailey | Chapel Hill, NC

This was one of the most professionally produced shows I have ever seen!

- mkmaddie

A Christmas Story was fantastic!!! It conveyed the message with an original touch and plenty of laughter, a wonderful show!


My sister and I just saw Elf today.  What a spectacular show!  We really were not expecting to be moved to tears as much as we were.  I guess we really did find our “inner Elf,” and we have the NC Theater to thank for that.  Truly, we enjoyed the talented cast, the music, the dancing, and the high spirits of the show.  It was a beautiful story, and was so well done….for everyone…young and old.  A truly feel-good show.  Thank you again for brightening our Christmas season.

Kathy Honeyman and Maryann Edwards

- kathy honeyman | raleigh, nc

Attendiing shows at the NC Theatre and enjoying the Backers’ Club prior to the show and at intermission is one of our favorite social events.  My husband and I always look forward to the outstanding performances, as well as the the food, drinks, and nice people at the Backers’ Club.  It’s a full and fun evening, but much more relaxing than trying to go out for dinner before the play or even out for drinks or dessert afterwards.  I love supporting the NCTheatre and appreciate all it gives to our community. A Christmas Story was a fabulous production!  I’ve really never seen anything at the NC Theater that I’ve been disappointed in, and I’ve been a season ticket holder for over 20 years.

- Jaye Taylor | Cary, NC

I really appreciate your selection of plays because it’s clear you’re are not trying to appease one age group or subset of the Triangle population. I applaud your combination of traditional and innovative theater.  The fresh balance keeps everyone satisfied and opens up our minds and hearts just a little bit wider.  Thank you again for all of your excellent work in making the NC Theatre entertaining, affordable, and top-notch quality.

- Adrienne | Raleigh, NC

Outstanding cast! Had everyone on their feet! Highly recommend.

- RaleighTheaterFan

I met me dearest friend Yolanda W. Rabun at NCT when we performed in BIG RIVER with Broadway’s acclaimed actor and baritone, George Merritt. I will never forget our wonderful time there! I was also very fortunate to perform in DREAMGIRLS with Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr at NCT!! #ILoveNCT

Felicia Wright

- Felicia A. Wright | North Carolina

From the ensemble to the unforgettable leads, this show is flawless. So many amazing moments…all the voices in the show are Broadway quality. I’m very impressed that we have this level of quality theatre in Raleigh.

- theatreisgreat

NC Theatre box office staff/management and ushers really understand the value of providing exceptional customer service and making you feel appreciated. Kudos to all!

- theaterfollower

This was my first time seeing Les Mis, I was taking my wife for her birthday, and my family did not think I would like it.  I absolutely loved it!! I cannot wait to see it again, but I know it will never be as good as the first time.  Something about going for the first time is magical and memorable.  Thank you so much!  Chuck Wagner and English Barnhardt were my favorite, the whole cast was super!!

- Kevin Newbury | Wake Forest, NC

Wonderful seats and a great performance. My husband and I really enjoyed the songs and dancing and felt they did a great, great job. We would highly recommend! Great evening out!

- Shireen

I wanted to say I saw “Annie” With Andrea McArdle last year @ the NC Theatre, and that show impressed me very much! Well decided to come back this year for Hairspray, MY WHAT A SHOW! Better than some Broadway touring show’s I have seen, it was a fantastic evening! I am looking forward to seeing “Legally Blonde” there next year!!!

- Jacob Holland | Rocky Mount, NC

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