All in the Timing 101

July 25, 2016

NC Theatre Conservatory's Acting Summer Theatre Arts School will be performing All in the Timing  August 12th-14th. All in the Timing is comprised of 6 one-act comedies by David Ives. We want to introduce you to the production by highlighting each play that makes up All in the Timing. Learn about 3 out of the 6 below! 


Words, Words, Words – This play, created as a reference to a line in a Shakespeare play, is about three intelligent monkeys who are put in a cage together. The monkeys are testing the “infinite monkey theorem” that suggests if given enough time three monkeys in a room with a typewriter can eventually compose any given text, including Hamlet. Words, Words, Words allows the audience to see this theory unfold in front of them.


Universal Language – This comedy features two characters, Don and Dawn. Don is a conman trying to sell a fraudulent language and Dawn is a shy young woman looking for a language tutor. Through this play, Don and Dawn together discover the language of love.


Philip Glass Buys A Loaf of Bread – This play is a musical parody based on the work of composer Philip Glass. The play opens and closes in a normal scene with Philip Glass encountering an old love in a bakery. In between these two scenes, a long section driven by a ringing bell is filled with rephrasing of the words used in the opening and closing scenes. This play illustrates the tendency of real life to interrupt what we wish it to be.


All in the Timing is sure to leave the audience thinking! Get your tickets NOW for All in the Timing being performed at the NC Theatre Conservatory August 12-14!