All in the Timing 102

August 01, 2016

The final three plays that make up All in the Timing are equally as comedic and thoughtful as the first three. Read more below, and check out our previous blog to learn more about All in the Timing.

Variations of the Death of Trotsky – This play fictionalizes the death of Russian revolutionary Leon Trotsky in a number of variations. The play is made up of eight scenes, each depicting the death of Trotsky in different comedic ways. It ends with Trotsky’s realization of the hope of human life.

Sure Thing – Tells the story of the chance meeting of Betty and Bill in a cafe. Their conversation is continually reset by the ringing of a bell to start them over whenever one responds negatively to the other.

The Philadelphia – This play tells the story of a man that finds out his frustratingly unlucky day is caused by a pocket of reality called a “Philadelphia.” As the man begins to feel better, he finds his friend being pulled into a new “Philadelphia,” while a waitress groans of her unfortunate “Cleveland” nearby. This play illustrates the different mindsets of people based on where they are. 

We can't wait to see these thoughtful and hilarious plays performed August 12-14! Make sure to get your tickets to see them at the North Carolina Theatre Conservatory!