Fun Fact Friday: Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

July 14, 2017
In honor of our upcoming production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, we want to share some fun facts about the hit Broadway musical!

Disney's Beauty and the Beast Broadway Musical Fun Facts:

- In the original Broadway show:  It took a year and a half to develop the Enchantress’ fireball and it is the first known throwable hand-held device of its kind.

- Lumiere’s hands are made of a flameproof plastic surrounding a flame device that uses one ounce of liquid butane per hand per show. In the first ten years of the Broadway run, the show burned 700 pounds of butane.

- When the Broadway show originally opened, the Beast needed three people to help him into make-up, prosthetics, hair and wardrobe. Originally this process took over three hours before each performance!
- The original ball gown that Belle wore in the Broadway production weighed thirty pounds.

- All eight original songs from the movie were used in the musical, even the song, “Human Again” which was originally cut from the movie.
- “Human Again” seemed to be such a hit with Broadway audiences that it was added to the re-release of the animation film in 2002.
- The song, “Change in Me,” was added to the Broadway show when Toni Braxton joined the cast as "Belle."
- Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Broadway show ran until 2007, making this show the 10th longest running Broadway production ever.
Disney's Beauty and the Beast runs July 25-30, 2017 in Downtown Raleigh at the Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts.
Don't miss out on this 'tale as old as time'!