Fun Fact Friday: Take 2!

July 18, 2017

Disney's Beauty and the Beast opens Tuesday.  In honor of this "tale as old as time" and the musical hit that it has been from the beginning, we wanted to share even more fun facts with you!


1. Madame de la Grande Bouche is french for  “Mrs. Big Mouth”.
2. The process of designing Beauty and the Beast's costumes required the designers and actors to work closely together, more so than with any other show Ann Hould-Ward had worked on.  It was very important to her that the actors be able to move easily. 
3. Cogsworth's costume features a fully functioning clock on his face. Meanwhile, Madame de la Grande Bouche was the production's most expensive costume. 
4. The costumes left little room for the performers to change between scenes, and air conditioners were fastened to them to regulate their temperatures.
5. While dancing, the inertia of Susan Egan's (the actor who played the role of Belle)  heavy ballgown caused its skirt to constantly pull her in the opposite direction of whichever way she turned.
6. Terrance Mann said that the Beast's costume was similar to wearing several heavy winter coats and he compared wearing the mask and wig to "four Angora cats and gaffer taping them to your head and then running around the block 10 or 12 times."
7. Air conditioning was installed in the costumes to help cool them down. 
6. The Broadway production closed to make way for Disney's next musical venture, The Little Mermaid.
7. The show has four US national tours. The first opened on November 15, 1995, and closed in 1999.
8. Beauty and the Beast has been performed in more than 30 countries.